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(Let us know when you're ready to send over those thank you chocolates; we quite like L.
He said to me Bree, we are not perfect, but we are perfect to each other, I will always love you and and have your back till the end of time.

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After all, most of them have broken records in a selfie taking spree.

So don't steal their thunder and put up close and personal selfies on your profile.

Online dating is hard, especially in India, where it's still transcending from a fad to a favoured choice in lifestyle.

Gone are the days where your mummies used to skillfully and slyly set you up with your neighbour aunty's daughter or make an embarrassing profile for you.

Here are some dos and don'ts for online dating we need to pay attention to, to avoid heartbreaking future faux pas!

Somehow women feel they're more entitled to selfies than men are.

If you’re ready to jump onto the Internet dating bandwagon, here are some dos and don’ts you should know! Take it slow – Don’t appear needy and let things flow naturally.

Sometimes it's strange when people emerge out of your screens and have coffee with you, but it can also turn out to be fun and fruitful, if you know the right way to go about it.” It became a challenge for me to walk down the street in public.Not because I was afraid that someone would recognize me from my profile.Probably because I treated this one month like a dating scavenger hunt slash triathlon slash game of red rover.All the men were lined up shouting, “Red rover, red rover, let Kimberly come over!It’s cruel to keep that carrot dangling long after you’ve made your mind up, and we’re sure you wouldn’t appreciate being treated in such a manner.