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Updating calendar with birthdays

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If the person is in your Google circles, the birthday is controlled by the other person in Google .

If you need to, you can hide all birthdays from Google (see section above).

In fact, these items will never be added to the calendar until specific trigger fields are “touched” or updated: Birthday/Anniversary update trigger fields Changing any other field in the contact item will not cause the Anniverary/Birthday event to be added to the calendar.

If/when one of the above conditions occurs, the calendar update process used is as follows: 1) If the contact item is contained in a contact folder that resides in an infostore that has a default calendar folder, the event will be added silently and automatically.

The default is 15 minutes, which means reminders for all-day events appear 15 minutes before the start of the calendar day — 15 minutes before midnight.

If you want reminders for birthdays and anniversaries further in advance, open the series on your calendar and change the reminder time.

The process followed when Birthday/Anniversary values are added via the Outlook user interface is described in “Birthday, Anniversary Calendar entries via the UI” When importing either Birthday and/or Anniversary information, the respective Birthday/Anniversary events are not automatically added to the Outlook calendar upon import.Outlook automatically displays birthday reminders in your calendar if you have this information filled out in your contacts database (the People component of the program).You can also enter birthdays manually if you wish to, which gives you more control over how the birthdays are shown and where they appear.Select a time on the Calendar, create a meeting request, and select the people to invite.Outlook helps you find the earliest time when all the invitees are free.When you send the meeting request by email, the invitees receive the request in their Inbox.