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Her research program frequently incorporates international studies and collaborations (e.g., South Africa, Guatemala, India, US). Cognitive processing in the aftermath of relationship dissolution: Associations with concurrent and prospective distress and posttraumatic growth.

Dating the volcanic eruption at thera

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It is fitting that we meet on the 50th anniversary of Professor Marinatos's (1939) paper in which he proposed a date of 1500 BC for the eruption. according to archaeological dating which is during the same time frame as the scriptural dating for the Exodus of Moses (1447 B.

He then looked a hundred years on either side of 1500 BC, and again: nothing.

In an attempt to bond with his dad, Peter gets him a job as a foreman at the toy factory.

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Being strategically well-placed on the copper trade route between Cyprus and Minoan Crete, Akrotiri also became an important centre for metal work, as is evidenced by finds of moulds and crucibles.

From 2000 to 1650 BCE Akrotiri became more urbanised with paved streets and extensive drainage systems.