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It's kinda cool.""It's really weird when people scrutinize every little thing about you and talk about your outfits and your weight and who you're dating …

and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it." She also explains that going out isn't totally her thing because she doesn't like huge crowds and doesn't like to "push it too much." February 2006: When asked about Paris Hilton — who also happened to be Nicole Richie's ex-best friend at the time — at an event, Mischa calls her out for supposedly creating a rivalry between her and Nicole, and then goes on to say: "[Hilton] seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful ... " (Paris was dating Mischa's ex, Brandon Davis.) Although Mischa's rep later clarified that the boyfriend-stealing comment was a joke, Paris did not respond well, telling , "I don't even know the girl. It seems like she is the one who is trying to stir up a rivalry. But she seems to be spending a lot of time thinking about me."May 2006: After three massively successful seasons on , Mischa lets it slip during an interview that her character will be killed off in the final episode of season three.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ” This tacit acceptance of asshole behavior is part and parcel of the idea that asshole is just humanity’s natural behavior; in fact, being an asshole is even seen as being Before we get too deep into how to avoid asshole behavior, we should define some terms.

And while there are many varying definitions of asshole – “anyone who drives faster than me in traffic,” for example – I believe the clearest and most useful definition of “asshole” is simple: it’s someone who prioritizes and expects their desires to be prioritized over the desires of others and to face no consequences for it.

They will scream their heads off until they get what they want, and it’s on you to figure out what this is. They were once worshiped as gods and see no reason why this should not continue.

A cat has no problem letting you know that it’s time for gooshy foods and they don’t care that it’s 5 AM and you’ve crawled into bed at 3 after having spent the entire day working on that presentation you have to make before the board of directors when you roll into work at 7.

The robe was loose at the top and my breasts were almost completely exposed. I blushed, he blushed, and I pulled the top of my robe closed.

In fact, the idea that assholes are so inherent to the Internet that it becomes a default excuse for shitty behavior; “It’s just assholes on the Internet, what’re you gonna do?

There was a lot of speculation as to the real reason behind her departure from the show, but the general consensus was that Mischa left in order to focus on a film career.

August 2006: Mischa wins a Teen Choice Award for her role in will be canceled after its fourth season, surviving only one year after Mischa's departure from the cast.

Seems that I’d forgotten that this was the Monday we were scheduled for our monthly water treatment delivery.

This was a new delivery guy and I tried not to appear too flustered as I directed him to the room in which he was to place the water treatment equipment. Doing my best to remove these fantasy thoughts from my head, I wondered what Dave would have thought? I closed the project I was working on, turned the computer off and went upstairs as Dave was coming through the front door.