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However, because of their age difference, the jury still found Dixon guilty of statutory rape and aggravated child molestation, and sentenced him to a mandatory 10 years in prison under Georgia law.

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I have just over 1,000 legal miles on my 73 TCS since finishing her up.

I added a MSD Ignition unit to help control detonation under boost.

The Palouse is home to two land grant universities, the University of Idaho in Moscow and Washington State University in Pullman.

)______________________________________________________1910 Christman Upright Piano s/n 20246, Burl Walnut or Fruitwood____________________________________________________1913 Kohler and Cambell Upright Piano s/n 15422, Mahogany___________________________________________________1974 Baldwin Hamilton 45" Studio Piano s/n 289994, Walnut, Rich Tone! Includes player rolls pictured with piano, 1915 Mason and Hamlin 52 inch Upright Piano, sn 26795, Made in USA, Mahogany Finish, New keytops, Copper wound bass strings, New casters, Nicely refinished ebony keys, New catcher leather, Very high quality piano.____________________________________________________1920 Baldwin Hamilton, Chicago, 56 inch tall Upright Piano, sn 95166, Walnut Gorgeous bookcase veneer, pillar design. Refinished ebony keys,new bridle straps, reshaped hammers.Keytops are original simulated ivory.______________________________________________________1946 Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Piano s/n 154523, Matching Bench, Mahogany Rounded front organ style keytops. By this time plastic keytops had been introduced and ivory keys were an upgrade. This piano has the mute action but no mute.1978 Universal Brand 50 inch Player Piano sn 8730, (These were over 00 in 70s) Made in USA, Oak finish, Stained glass face panel windows are lighted. Plays as a regular piano or as a player piano by both foot pumps or electric system. Pease made a nice instrument._____________________________________________________________1905 Crown 57 inch Upright Piano sn 33902 Made in USA (Chicago), Oak, refinished,4 Pedals. This piano was purchased in 1974 in Santiago, Chili from the original owner and then moved to Eagle, Idaho. Case was professionally refinished approximately 1994. New Steinway hammers, and new strings and tuning pins were installed here in Boise. The case was repaired and refinished by Jaks Stripping, Boise. _____________________________________________________________________ 1971 Story and Clark 39 Console Piano, Made in USA. _______________________________________________________________________ 1915 Grinnell Bros, Leonard 54" Upright Piano, s/n 14364, Made in USA (Detroit), Dark Tiger Oak Finish, New Keytops. Note that the family had dropped their "Leonard" old upright piano from a moving truck and broke the piano action. _______________________________________________________________Kawai MR380C Digital Piano, Very dark walnut finish, Bench included. This piano has all the standard digital piano voices, 3 pedals, transpose, metronome, midi connections, a full-length music desk, and a hard sliding key cover found on nicer models.) is a region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho and, by some definitions, parts of northeast Oregon. Player action is installed wholly under the keybed.This player does not operate but all parts are there. This is the largest upright piano that Yamaha makes and is the closest to a grand piano sound as possible in an upright piano because of its long strings and large soundboard. Almost all old upright pianos like this one were made before 1930. All the standard digital piano voices and pipe organ plus a ton of misc voices like laughing, thunder, and dog barking, 2 recording tracks, 3 pedals, transpose, metronome, midi connections, and a hard sliding key cover. This piano was refinished, probably in the 70s or 80s., while the border with Utah and Nevada follows the 42nd parallel; both lines were established by treaty—the northern between the United States and Britain in 1846 and the southern between the United States and phrase meaning “gem of the mountains.”Idaho is shaped much like a logger’s boot, thereby accidentally reflecting the state’s rugged forest and mountain terrain in which logging and mining play major roles.